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The 25Kg Lift Bag from AP Valves is a bright red, heavy duty bag with welded seams and has been shaped to prevent air spillage at the surface. Features Heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon with tough high-frequency welded seams.

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Best Price: £36.00 from Simply Scuba Ltd

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AP Valves 25Kg Lift Bag £36.00 Visit Store

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AP Valves 25Kg Lift Bag (Dump Valve Self Sealing)

25kg bright red Lift Bag from AP Valves, with pull-cord over-pressure / dump valve and unique self-sealing internal valve. Inflate at depth using air-gun or DV and the bag will automatically seal preventing accidental loss of buoyancy during lift and at the surface.

AP Valves 65kg Lift Bag

65kg lift bag, from AP Valves, made from heavy duty polyurethane, coated nylon, all seams are high frequency welded for consistent and durable seals. The shape prevents accidental air spillage when the bag reaches the surface. Specifications Manufactured in heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon with tough...

AP Valves 3m dSMB

The AP Valves 3m dSMB is a super tall SMB so you will be easily seen even in rough waters. At 3 meters long it will stand tall even in big waves so boats and anybody else looking for you can see you easily.   Self Sealing the dSMB will become a closed air cell so it will stay inflated even if it flops...

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