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Replacement SureLock II Weight Pockets to fit compatible Aqua Lung BCDs including the discontinued model such as the Pro QD, Diva, etc as well as the latest models.   These pockets allow shot bags or blocks weight to be safely added to a BCD to help distribute weight and also improve trim and balance. The pockets can be quickly removed and discarded in an emergency or removed and handed to boat crew before re-entry into the boat to reduce weight.   Retroactive Design means the SureLock II weight pockets will fit all BCD's with either SureLock system. If your BCD was fitted with the original SureLock I or the newer SureLock II, these weight pouches will fit securely.   Please note that these...

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Best Price: £32.00 from Simply Scuba Ltd

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Aqua Lung Weight Pouch £32.00 Visit Store

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