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Laminated Tear Offs Oakley Pro Tear Offs unique system provides the most optically advanced tearoff technology on the planet. Lamination limits the number of reflective surfaces to maximize light transmission and provide the highest possible degree of optical clarity. Two packs are included, and each contains seven laminated tearoffs Standard Tear Offs When you move through the pack, you ride through a battlefield of dirt shrapnel. Rip away the residue of tyre roost with Oakley goggle tear offs. Just pull one off, and a new tab pops up with machine gun speed. Engineered for the MX O FRAME® goggle, this pack includes 25 clear tearoffs made of the finest optical grade MYLAR®....

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Best Price: £13.50 from Leisure Lakes Bikes

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Oakley O Frame MX Tear Offs £13.50 Visit Store

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The Oakley Crowbar tear offs are the most advanced tearoff system on the planet, and offers the highest possible level of visual clarity. Oakley's lamination process keeps dirt and mud from invading the lens layers. It also minimizes the performance-killing problem of refraction and protects your...

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The Oakley XS O Frame MX Tear-Off System (25 pack) Specially engineered for our MX XS O FRAME® goggle, this set of 25 tearoffs lets you rip away the tire roost of lapped riders. Just pull one off, and a new tab pops up instantly. Restore your vision with rapid-fire speed and get the clarity...

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