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Image of Olfi Tethers

The Olfi Tethers are an ideal way of keeping your Olfi from being damaged or lost completely when being used during high speed or impact sports.Super strong sticky adhesive backingIdeal for high speed or impact sports2 x complete tether setsAlso compatible with GoPro camerasIf you re worried about your camera coming off after an impact or about losing your Olfi altogether then these are the solution. Simply use one of these adhesive tethers to attach your Olfi to you or your bike. Stick one to the back door of your waterproof case and another to your helmet or mounting surface. Mounting elsewhere No problem, instead of using the second sticky pad, simply tie the string to you or the mounting...

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Best Price: £10.00 from Tweeks Cycles

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Tweeks Cycles Olfi Tethers £10.00 Visit Store

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Image of Olfi one.five Remote

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The Olfi one.five Remote allows you to control your Olfi one.five camera without having to reach for it, particularly useful if you re mounting your Olfi in hard to reach places or simply don t want to risk disturbing the shot you ve lined up.Waterproof (3 metres) remote with long life battery Removable...

Image of Olfi Suction Cup

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The Olfi Suction Cup has an innovative and powerful suction design that not only mounts securely to smooth, flat surfaces but also slightly rough surfaces and even curved surfaces, making this an incredibly versatile mounting option. Versatile mount that attaches to smooth, rough, flat and curved surfaces...

Image of Olfi The Spanner

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Olfi s The Spanner is perfect for keeping your mounts still during high-speed activities. Securely tightens your mountsLightweight and small enough to keep in your packCan be used whilst you re wearing glovesAlso compatible with GoPro camerasKeep your Olfi mounts super tight and secure with Olfi s...

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