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The Orange Seal Road Tube Kit provides a practical and inexpensive solution for flat prevention on your road bike. The kit includes two 48mm 700-18x23c road tubes with removable valve cores (RVC), an RVC tool and a 4-ounce bottle of sealant with injector. By adding 2 ounces of sealant to each road tube you eliminate most of those annoying punctures whilst adding a negligible amount of weight to your bike. Once injected into the tubes, installed and inflated, your tires should hold air longer which means you don t need to pump them up every time you ride. Orange Seal is the next generation of tyre sealant. Using premium latex and Nanites , Orange Seal coats the entire tyre from bead-to-bead to...

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Best Price: £34.99 from Tweeks Cycles

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